My second Mother

I love my mother-in-law very, very much. We have always had a strong relationship (with some bumps along the way as any close relationship experiences). Not only do I love her, I admire her greatly. She is without a doubt the most mentally (and often physically) strong person I know. She is hands-down the most energetic and uncomplaining person I know. Hedy is a nurturer. I think she was born this way. Over the years she’s told me stories about taking care of her younger brothers and sister during the war. When I had my first baby, we were living in Saskatchewan at the time but came home over Christmas to have the baby. I stayed with her for a month and when I left I was pretty scared of how I would take care of Lily without her. Hedy is a baby-whisperer. All children love her and all babies would quiet as soon as she got them in her arms. She is kind, generous, thoughtful, fun and loves to laugh. Hedy is an amazing cook who prepared all her meals with love. Her mashed potatoes are the best you’ve ever tasted and her pies would win any competition.
She is dying of cancer and it is the most painful thing our family has ever experienced. It is slow and painful. It is not like in the movies. We fully realize that she has had a blessed and full life and that death is unavoidable and unescapable for all of us. Part of being human is enduring the death of those we love. But the impending loss of this woman and everything she represents to us is even more painful than I could have imagined. There are so many more things I could say but in the end words will not suffice.
I feel incredibly thankful to have had her in my life.


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